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24 Number System



As the name suggests, this system involves bets made on 24 numbers. The system has three distinct versions of gameplay.


In the first case, one would make two equal stakes with 12 numbers. If the cell is in a sector lower than the former spin, a stake will be made on the first and second dozen. If the cell in in a sector higher than the former spin, the bet will be made on the second and third dozen.


If there is a loss, the value of the stake will be expanded in series of 4-8-16-24. However, if there is a win, one would have to double the bet on the same dozen.


If the doubled bet wins, one needs to return to the starting value of the bet. In a case the doublet bet loses, the amount of the next bet will be set by the aforementioned series.


When there are no winning bets, one would have to stake the starting value and not increase the amount more than the series. This is explained simply with the fact that the larger the amount, the higher the risk.


The second case of this system does not double the bet if it is a winning one. Instead, the winnings are added to the bet, i.e. if one stakes two chips and wins, the next bet will be four chips. If one wins 8 chips, the stake will be 12 and so on.


The third case uses a “six line” base with either the higher or lower sector. That would depend on the result of the former spin. In a case of loss, the amount for the higher and lower cell is decided by the following series: 3-6-12-18. For the six line, the series is 1-2-4-6.


With each version of the system, 12-number empty cells will be losing ones. Zero will also be a losing number. The endgame is usually defined by reaching the desired result.


One will reach the best results if one is aware of all three cases of the system – the odds would be much higher. It is important that in order to win, one needs more credit.



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