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Account verification


When you open an account in a casino, you give your personal data (name, address, banking data etc.). Sooner or later you have to go through the verification procedure of the casino- i.e. you have to present documents which verify the authenticity of the information you have given. Verification is usually required when you declare your first withdrawal of funds from the casino. However, the documents for the verification may be required at an earlier stage.



The documents for the verification may be the following:

• ID card or a passport – these are for the verification of your name, age and country of residence;


• Utility bill- this is a bill for electricity, phone, water or other utility expenses, by which you prove that you are actually living on the address you have specified in your account. You may also use a Bank statement from the bank you are using.


• The credit/debit card you have used for the transfer of funds to the casino. This is to verify that you are actually the owner of the card. Sometimes, you are required to send a copy of the Bank statement for the transactions you have made to the casino. If you have used an e-wallet for the deposit, you may be required to send a screenshot of the e-wallet, showing your name and sometimes the transactions you have made.



Why is verification required?

•  Gambling is done according to some legal requirements. The main requirement is that the people who make bets must be of legal age according to the jurisdiction wherein they live. By presenting a copy of your ID, you verify to the casino that you meet this requirement.


•  Various payment methods require different verifications of the identity of the person who will receive the funds. Some of them require verification when the transaction is over a certain sum of money, and others require verification for all transfers, regardless of the sum. In order to process your request, the casino has to follow the requirements of the specific payment system. The verification is done only once (on your first withdrawal) and is valid for the following transactions you will be making. The verification may be required once more after a period of time, at the expiration of the documents you have presented.


•  In order to prevent all kinds of scams using false identity and payment methods.

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