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Biarritz or the Makarov Roulette System


Another simple roulette system named after the French resort was proposed by Alexander Makarov, a well-known computer programmer who wrote the program «Marriage» and who used a mathematical method called Monte Carlo Modelling in his work. This roulette system is very aggressive.

The bet is always done on one and the same number, with a payout of 35:1. The bet is repeated with every loss. The bet’s size remains constant, for example, €1. The gambler finishes playing either after the first occurrence of his number, or after 36 unsuccessful starts. The following variations are possible:


 -  The chosen number turns up on the 36th spin. The player neither wins nor loses, since the €35 payout compensates for the previous 35 failures.


 -  The chosen number turns up earlier. The earlier it happens, the more the player wins.


 -  The chosen number does not turn up at all. The player loses €36.


The likelihood of the last outcome (36/37)36, or approximately 0.37. The chances that at some point the player’s number will fall is essentially above 50%. This is another system that counts on consistency “out of the gate”.

An older version of the Biarritz roulette system requires preliminary statistical research, and advises players to observe the course of the game during 111 starts (3 times about 37) and to bet on a number that was fallen on less than three times. From a mathematical perspective, this recommendation does not stand up to criticism since the ball does not have memory. At any moment, regardless of what happened earlier, all numbers are equally likely. On the other hand, statistical research sometimes reveals a poorly regulated roulette wheel upon which some numbers turn up less often than others or do not turn up at all. But in this case, it wouldn’t make sense to bet on those numbers which do not turn up because of some internal defects of the wheel.






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