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Betting on 12 Numbers Online Roulette Strategy

Betting on 12 Numbers Online Roulette Strategy

The average Roulette player wins in one of two main ways. 

The first way involves betting on a random selection of 18 numbers or less (just under half the wheel). Most bettors who take this approach tend to change some of their numbers on subsequent games. 

The second way Roulette gamblers approach the game is to choose 12 numbers (just under one third of the wheel), and they tend to stick to the same numbers. 

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can apply order to the game using the second way, betting on 12 numbers and I’m going to suggest a strategy I’ve established that involves learning 4 steps and then how and when to apply 7 rules.

But before I continue, I’d like to address the pros and cons pertaining to the random way of playing online Roulette versus sticking to a set of numbers, so you can understand the difference between the two methods. 


When a bettor randomly selects different numbers from game to game, it’s difficult to then work out when to increase or decrease wagers because the process of winning and losing is in flux; meaning it’s determined by what the next set of numbers might be. That’s not to say there aren’t any good -- or what you might call lucky -- random bettors out there, but you’ll find that pro Roulette players tend to select numbers they’re going to stick with. In doing so they can organise a structured method of figuring out when their numbers are most likely to occur and when they are not. 

In short, although there’s no guarantee of securing a higher probability that you’ll be correct on the result of anyone X or Y outcome, you’ll nevertheless form a clear pattern of outcomes that’ll guide your wagering decisions.  

Knowing when to play and how much to wager is the key to standing a chance of growing a bankroll. You can’t be efficient at doing this if you’re constantly changing the numbers you bet on without good reason. The Duke of Wellington was a military leader who knew when to advance and when to retreat. To win at online Roulette you’ve got to adopt strategical thinking. 


‘Static chips’ is a term I came up with. They are chips that are wagered on the same set of numbers on a Roulette table betting layout. Betting on the same numbers creates order to the game because betting in an orderly manner in the random game of Roulette has its advantages as I’ve alluded to; frequency of wins versus losses, increasing and decreasing wagers. 

The pressure on players to pick different numbers each game is off. The focus then turns to money management, stop losses and bet again triggers. It’s these elements that delivers strength to any decent online Roulette strategy. Betting on static chips frees up a player’s ability to implement intelligent wagering tactics. 

Knowing when to bet and what the bet size should be is everything in Roulette. A player can succeed if the burden of choosing numbers is eliminated from the wagering process so that productive planning can be applied to money management. Whilst it’s fun to change a set of numbers you’re going to bet on from one game to the next, in doing so you’re giving up control over the all-important money stats.    


In Roulette, selecting 12 numbers to bet on is almost one third of the numbers on a European wheel since, aside from the one green Zero, there are 36 numbered pockets, 1-36, organised on the betting layout as 12 numbers in each of the three Columns and 12 numbers in each of the three Dozens. The pay-out for both betting options is 2-1.

Although there are 25 numbers against you -- just over two thirds of the wheel -- hitting upon a streak of wins will pay off because you’ll receive 2 chips profit for every 1 chip of the same value wagered whereas you’re only losing 1 chip when you do lose. If you can manage the risk to reward (which Roulette is all about) by implementing clever tactics, you’ll stand a decent chance of generating more chips to add to your bankroll. 


You can simply choose any one of the six, 2-1 Column or Dozen options, select one Column or Dozen and stick to those numbers. Though each set of 12 numbers have their pros and cons as to their positions on a wheel, they are nevertheless relatively nicely spaced out as you can see below.

Roulette 12 numbers - Columns and dozens

While it’s true that any set of 12 numbers i.e. any combination of 12 has as much chance of occurring as any other set of 12 numbers there are advantages in choosing 12 numbers belonging to a Column or Dozen. 


One advantage is that you escape from deciding which next set of 12 different numbers you might bet on. There are just so many combinations of 12 numbers out of all 37 numbers on a Roulette wheel overthinking will make you dizzy. It’s clear that changing your numbers all the time over complicates the game and diminishes the task of forming a stable win/loss ratio that will in turn determine your success ratio.


You can select the amount you want to wager in one box that covers 12 numbers making up a Column or Dozen whereas with a mixed set of 12 numbers you’ve got to click on every number each game you bet on unless you stick to the same set in which case you just repeat your bet. However, this can be a nightmare when you’re constantly increasing and decreasing wagers especially when there isn’t much time to place your bets between games.     



Pick your 12 numbers. I’m going to assume you’ve selected one Dozen or Column for the reasons given above, but that’s up to you.


Get a pen and a sheet of paper and begin to record the outcomes of each game. Let’s say you’ve chosen to wager on Column 1 for instance, then make a note of the outcomes as seen in the following illustration.

So now that you know how to make notes of outcomes move on to,


Under the outcomes, add Win or Loss as seen below so that this data will give you an idea of the frequencies those outcomes are forming. This will give you an idea of the likelihood that your Column is due to occur or unlikely to occur within the next few spins. In turn this information will lead you to wager and will give you an idea as to your bet size i.e. more or less than your standard flat betting amount, or not to wager at all so that you can wait until a losing streak has ended.


When you have enough outcomes noted you’ll know at what stage of the betting strategy the Column is at and you’ll be able to assign one of the following 7 rules and so continue to apply whatever rule fits in with the win/loss ratio or stop loss/target limits.


  1.  Bet one unit. One (x1) unit is whatever your standard flat betting chip value amount is. It could be from the online casino’s minimum stake upwards for that Column or individual numbers.

  2. Optional: Bet double i.e. 2 chips when your Column has occurred twice in a row, so double up for a possible triple win. Do this only once following each double set up, so that when you lose you’re only losing an extra 1 chip, but when you win, you’re winning 4 chips, given that your  wager will be 2 and you’ll be paid 6.


  3. Reduce wager from 2 to 1 whether you win or lose your (b) attempt bets.

  4. Stop loss: Stop betting after losing x3 in a row and wait for (f) to occur. 

  5. Stop betting completely if your bankroll losses -12 chips. Take a break and allow bad sets of outcomes to pass.


  6. When one of the numbers belonging to your Column becomes an outcome again after having not bet following x3 losses in a row, start wagering 1 chip again as in (a).

    End Game: 

  7. Stop betting when you’ve reached a fair target. I recommend +4 to +8 units per session. A session means there’s a long gap of at least 100 spins on the same wheel before you begin a new session.

[When Zero occurs, ignore the outcome as if it had not occurred; so, continue betting or waiting if on a stop loss. When you’re on a (b) bet, also bet a little on the Zero. 10 cents max for every $2 wagered, thus if you wager $20 on your Column when betting (b) then bet $1 on Zero].  

I hope you’ve learnt something new about Roulette numbers and outcomes and hope my betting strategy might be useful to you. 






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