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Blackjack Easter Egg Hunt

Blackjack Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter we’re adding an extra dimension to the Blackjack table by rewarding you with cash if you can collect five Golden Egg cards when you play. Collect the full set and we’ll add £10 to your account within 72 hours!

How to Play:

Opt-in to the promotion by clicking the button below

Play Live Blackjack between Monday 15th and Thursday 18th April 2019

Collect the special Golden Egg cards at the following tables to win the prize: 

- BJ Unibet 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 or 9 and BJ Unibet VIP 1 or 2

For every five cards collected, you will win £10 cash (up to £30 per day per customer)

Prizes paid out within 72hrs from the end of the promotional period.

And why not take your blackjack skills into our upcoming Easter Tournament too, where one spin could win that £10,000 adventure in the Swiss Alps?

Promotional Rules

Opt-in is required for this promotion.

The promotional period runs from 00:01 BST on Monday 15th April 2019 until 23:59 BST on Thursday 18th of April 2019 on the selected Evolution’s Blackjack tables.

This promotion is available on both desktop and mobile.

Players are required to collect 5 Golden Egg cards to win £10 cash (max 30£ per person per day).

The selected Evolution’s Blackjack tables are: BJ Unibet 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and BJ Unibet VIP 1, 2.

There will be a minimum of two special cards placed randomly in each shoe during each promotional period.

When a special card is dealt, this will be assigned to the player who receives it.

Players are assigned the special card regardless of the outcome of the hand.

All cash amounts will be credited to players’ accounts within 72 hours from the end of each promotional period.

If a special card is dealt to the dealer, it will be re-entered back in to the shoe.

Any special card received after the maximum limit is reached (15 per customer per day), will be forfeited.

Customers are limited to 2 seats at each table during the promotional period.

Bet Behind is excluded from the promotion.

Any player found to be abusing the promotion will be liable to have any Golden Egg cards confiscated and may have their account closed.

Unibet terms and conditions apply at all times for this campaign.

Unibet reserves the right to change or withdraw this promotion at any time.

Last update of Promotional Rules - 10th April 2019 00:01

Promotional Terms and Conditions

These Promotion Terms and Conditions including any applicable instructions on ("Promotion Terms") apply to all Unibet promotions. By entering you accept and agree to be bound by these Promotion Terms. In addition, Unibet’s standard Terms and Conditions and Rule Book ("Standard Terms") also apply (available at In the event of any difference between these Promotion Terms and the Standard Terms, these Promotion Terms will prevail.

This promotion is available to individuals aged 18 years and over who have registered as customers of Unibet.

No employees of Unibet and its affiliated companies, or family members of employees and affiliated companies, may take part in promotions.

Unless confirmed otherwise by Unibet in writing: (i) promotions are available once only to any registered account; and (ii) bonuses cannot be used in conjunction with, or to qualify for, any other promotional offer.

Unibet reserves the right acting reasonably to withhold, restrict or cancel this offer from individual account holders in at its reasonable discretion and without prior notice, in the event that an entry is made in breach of the Promotion Terms and/ or the Standard Terms. Otherwise amendments to the bonus will not be made after you are opted in, unless you accept any such amendments.

Unibet’s decisions in respect of any matter(s) concerning a promotion are final.

Unibet may reclaim any bonus amount or enhanced payments that have been awarded in error.

Unibet may, at any time, make minor amendments to this promotion to correct typographical errors or to improve on clarity or customer experience and may cancel this promotion for legal or regulatory reasons.

Unless otherwise specified in writing, in the event that you are required to travel to take part in any event, you are responsible for making all your own arrangements (including insurance).

Unibet accepts no responsibility whatsoever for system or connection problems that might affect any end user during any of these promotions.

This promotion is operated by Platinum Gaming Limited a company registered in Gibraltar with its registered office address at Suite 2B, 143 Main Street, Gibraltar.



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