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Ben Affleck is Too Good for the Hard Rock Casino

Ben Affleck is Too Good for the Hard Rock Casino

Ben Affleck has apparently been banned for life from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas after one too many big wins.

Affleck got booted from the blackjack tables last week at the Hard Rock Casino, told by casino staff that he was "too good" for them.

He and his wife Jennifer Garner were in Vegas for the weekend when he got 86ed at the tables, reportedly banned for life from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock but more than welcome to gamble at other games.

The Hard Rock has been one of Affleck's favorite hang-outs in Vegas and the scene of some big scores at the tables in the past. He had several big wins there in 2013, with the NY Post reporting that he won over $1 million over two different trips in addition to a $800K score on another jaunt to Sin City.

The high roller was betting $20,000 at a time on up to three hands -- big enough action to give him a decent edge if he really was counting cards and not just on a lucky run.

Movies such as "Rain Man" make it seem like counting cards takes a genius or a math savant but the reality is that card counting is easily learned if you're willing to study and put in the time to learn a system.

Affleck is no stranger to calculating odds, either, as he's a poker fan as well and has played in World Series of Poker events several times in addition to winning a tournament in California for a $350,000 payday.

Counting cards isn't illegal in Vegas but casinos can ask you to leave or play other games at any time. Most celebs are welcome with open arms on the casino floor -- especially if they're betting big -- so it's pretty likely that the Hard Rock had good reason to expect that Affleck was playing with an edge.

His poker movie "Runner Runner" turned into a massive flop so maybe we shouldn't be too hard on Affleck for making a little extra scratch at the blackjack tables, even if he was counting cards.



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